Why does your business need spam filtering?

Why does your business need spam filtering?

Everyone who has an email account will have received a message at some point trying to sell you a product that you would never have thought about buying. The company sending it isn’t likely to be one that you have heard of, or that you want to do business with.

So, how do they get your information and is there anything that you can do to stop these companies from clogging up your email inbox?

Often these spamming companies will have bought the email addresses that they contact from a hacked list, or they use sophisticated scraping tools that allow them to collect this information.

All about Spam

It is thought that around half of the emails that you receive into your inbox could be classed as spam emails.

Spam messages are not only irritating, clogging up the space in your inbox, they can also be harmful too. Some of the emails that are sent can carry viruses and malware which will comprise the data that your company holds.

If you find yourself emptying out yet more spam messages from your email inbox, you are likely to wonder if there is anything that can you do to combat this. The good news is that yes, there is a solution for your spam related issues.

Spam Filters

Spam filers are the answer to stopping any unwanted messages from making their way into your inbox, as well as stopping your staff from opening any emails that could prove harmful.

There are a variety of different types of spam filters that you can use for your email system. There are those that will be able to target the content of the emails, seeing if they are relevant to your business. There are also some filtering systems that will check the headers of the emails.

You can even get spam filtering systems that allow you to set the parameters and choose which type of emails need to be blocked. Creating a black listed assortment of known spammers.

The spam filtering option that you go for will really depend on the level of security that you need. For those businesses that have confidential data that they need to protect, a permissions based spam filter is going to be the best idea.

However, if you simply want to cut down on the ads, sales emails and newsletters that seem to stream into your inbox. Then, a simple content based filter or even a header based filter will be ideal for you.

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Why does your business need spam filtering?