How to create the perfect blog for your business

How to create the perfect blog for your business

The blog has become an all-powerful tool in boosting your business. Not only is it an effective marketing strategy, driving people towards your website, but it can also show your customers (both current and prospective) that you are experts in your field, with useful information to share.

If you don’t have a blog already set up for your business, the time has come to get one. Not sure on how to create a blog? We have out top tips for creating the perfect blog for your business.

Make sure you blog for the right audience

If you don’t know your target market, then chances are that you won’t have a successful blog. Make sure that anything that you blog about is directed towards your customers. It really is as simple as that!

Look at what has been successful in the past

Have you already been posting things on your social media accounts? Why not take a look at which type of posts have been successful and target your blog posts to those popular types of posts? By targeting what you write about, you are on a sure-fire path to success.

Show off your personality

Boring blogs are never going to be a success. So, make sure that you show off your own brand personality when you post. Not only this, but why not let your customers see a glimpse into the behind the scenes running of your company? As well as the staff that keep you running.

Have a blogging schedule…..but don’t be afraid to deviate sometimes

The key to a successful blog is posting regularly. You should try and aim for every other day, but even if you only manage one blog a week, this is better than not blogging at all. Whilst a schedule is the ideal approach, there may be times when a great idea comes to you, or a special event comes up. When this happens, don’t be afraid to write a post. Sometimes spontaneity can be a great tool.

Remember the action point

Every blog should have a call to action that encourages the customer to do something. Whether this is get in touch, or simply share the post. It is also a good idea to include some kind of action point, as well as an impactful headline that promises to solve a problem that they may have.

Make sure you promote them

Whilst keyword rich content on your blog should draw the visitors in, you may find that this is improved if you promote your blogs. Social media is ideal for this. Take an important snippet from the blog and post that on your social media, linking to the full post. You may be surprised by how many people then follow the link to read it!

By following these basic blogging principles, you can create posts that not only attract customers, but offers them value too, and that is the main point of any blog!

How to create the perfect blog for your business